Delhi Pollution - Is Delhi slowly becoming Inhabitable?

Delhi Air Pollution

On 13th June 2018, Wednesday, I landed in Delhi after a short trip to Bangalore.

And what I saw shocked and scared me to the core!
I couldn't help but write this article to express my displeasure and concern over the deteriorating conditions in DELHI, the national capital of India.

On 13th June 2018, I was greeted by a thick layer of dust and pollution which made breathing very difficult.
One could literally feel the dust entering through the nose and into the mouth as well as the lungs.

The cab driver, who later dropped me home, informed that it had been like this for 2 days now. And even as of today, 15th June 20118, I find no substantial respite.

If you Google Search "Delhi Pollution", this is what you get as on 15th June 2018.

Not a New Problem, But...! For people who are permanent residents of Delhi, this problem is nothing new for them.

Thanks to the location of Delhi, as well as rapidly growing population, it has always been plagued by polluti…

Top Father's Day Bollywood songs | Hindi Songs | Father's Day

Top Father's Day Bollywood songs
Celebrate father's day with your dad listening to these awesome top Bollywood songs which capture the emotional bond between a father and his child.
This is more of a personal favorite list of mine, hope you like it. If you have any suggestions for some songs to be added, let me know in the comments below.

PAPA KEHTE HAIN Can a father's day song list be without this gem of a song? Everyone will definitely connect with this song immediately. Enjoy!

Hanikarak Bapu for all the strict fathers ;)

PAPA by Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar This awesome song leaves a lasting emotional bond with you. Relish it here.

Apne A father always loves his child, no matter what! An awesome song, don't miss it.

Yeh To Sach Hai

Mere Papa by Tulsi Kumar


Akele Hum Akele Tum

Pitah se Naam Hai Tera

Papa Mere Papa

Papa The Great

Tujhko Na Dekhun

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Jet Airways | Amazingly low fares for New Routes under UDAN Scheme

Jet Airways | UDAN Scheme
The UDAN scheme, launched in India, has been an amazing scheme which allows users to travel between tier 2 cities by air at low costs.

As the name of the UDAN scheme suggests (Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik) it is aimed to bring air travel to the masses. It aims to make it more affordable.

Jet Airways has recently bagged four new routes under the UDAN scheme. These are


New Delhi-Nashik, 


Lucknow-Bareilly-Delhi routes.

The fares decided for these routes are:

The fares for the Lucknow-Allahabad-Patna flight under the Udan scheme will be Rs 967, while the flights on the Patna-Allahabad-Patna route will cost Rs 1,216. Ticket price for a trip on the Nagpur-Allahabad-Nagpur route has been kept at Rs 1,690, while the Indore-Allahabad-Indore flight will cost Rs 1,914. The fare for a Delhi-Nashik-Delhi flight will be Rs 2,665. The UDAN scheme definitely looks to be a boon for the people of India, those who can't afford the high …

BogiBeel Bridge | India's Longest Road-rail Bridge

Bogibeel Bridge

The Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, will be inaugurating the Bogibeel Bridge later this year. This bridge is a Road-Rail Bridge and is the longest bridge being made in India till now.

Whats even more interesting is the fact that it is also the second largest Road-Rail bridge in Asia.
But before we talk more about this bridge, you might be wondering - what is a Road-Rail bridge.

Let's talk about that first!

Road-Rail Bridge A Road-Rail bridge, as the name literally suggests, is a bridge which allows both rail passage as well as road passage.

In simpler terms, we can say that a Road-Rail bridge is a multi-function bridge. It has 2 levels. On one level there is a rail track which allows trains to pass. And the other level has roads for regular vehicular travels.

Such types of bridges are made where it is not possible to create separate parallel bridges for both roads and train tracks.

Bogibeel Bridge, Assam The Bogibeel bridge is a Road-Rail bridge which w…

How to survive a Thunderstorm? | Do's and Don'ts

How to Survive a Thunderstorm?
Thunderstorms are a natural phenomena and can be very devastating due to strong winds, frequent lightning and rain.

The recent thunderstorm in North India in may 2018 has validated the above fact completely.

It caused a lot of damage to life and property.

However, one can follow some precautions to stay safe during a thunderstorm.
In this post, we share some Do's and Don'ts which everyone must remember and follow during a thunderstorm.

Avoid contact with corded phones or devices including those plugged into an electrical socket. Cordless or mobile phones not connected to a socket are okay to use.

Use battery operated radios for weather updates.

Avoid contact with electrical equipment. If possible, keep them turned off. Electrical surges can damage them.

Stay away from doors, windows and balconies.

Avoid poles and trees in open areas, if you are taking shelter outside.

If possible, take shelter in sturdy buildings.

If driving, safely park the v…

How to Impeach the Chief Justice of India? The Constitutional Process

Chief Justice Of India
With the latest controversy involving the current Chief Justice of India Shri Dipak Mishra, wherein the opposition parties have filed a motion for the impeachment (or removal) of him from the post, many of you might be wondering if it is actually possible to do this...and how?

Yes, it is allowed by the constitution to remove a current Chief Justice of India.  The Chief Justice of India is the Head of the Supreme Court of India, which is one of the pillars of the Indian Democracy. It is a post of great power and responsibility.

Hence the process of impeachment or removal has been provided to ensure that if ever a wrong person is able to reach a position of such power, he/she can be removed so as to not cause damage to the nation.

Steps To Impeach the Chief Justice of IndiaA notice of motion for the removal of the Chief Justice of India is issued by either 100 MPs from the Lok Sabha or 50 MPs from the Rajya Sabha. This motion can be moved in either of the two Hou…

Revamped IRCTC rules for Tatkal & Non-Tatkal ticket bookings | Indian Railways

Revamped Tatkal & Non-Tatkal ticket booking Rules | Indian Railways
The Indian Railways has introduced a new set of rules for online booking of train tickets - both Tatkal and Non-Tatkal.

These new rules are aimed to strengthen the online ticketing process of the Indian Railways. It also aims to bring greater transparency in all the transactions involved in the booking of the ticket.

To enhance the ticket booking process and smoothen out all the transactions, the government has taken some new and much-needed steps. 

Earlier people could not book tickets due to a huge amount of traffic on the IRCTC website, making it slower and losing the track. But now various time caps and booking limits will improve the speed and streamline the process.

The Updated Rules
Now, only 6 tickets can be booked in a month from one user id. This number gets extended to 12 if Aadhaar id is verified.

A user can have only one active login from one id at one point of time, be it incognito window or another brows…

Delhi - Mumbai Expressway | Soon, you can drive to Mumbai for the weekend!

Delhi - Mumbai Expressway
Ever since the BJP led government was formed in India in 2014, a major focus has been on the creation of roads and infrastructure.

There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that a great road and transportation infrastructure plays a significant role in the economic growth of a country.

Look at our neighbor China for example. They have created a solid infrastructure of road and rail transportation to support their growing economy.

After laying foundations for many such projects, the Transport Ministry seems to have now set its sight on the Delhi Mumbai Route. Both Delhi and Mumbai are significant and very important cities of India.

Where Delhi is the national capital and the center of power, Mumbai is considered to be the financial capital of India where major Business Tycoons reside.

And of course, how can we forget our favorite film stars who also have made Mumbai their home.

Being a seaside city with a bustling crowd and an amazing nightlife, Mumbai is alwa…

Summer is Back | How to Beat the Summer Heat? - Do's and Dont's

How to beat the heat this summer?
So the summer season has returned.
And with it, has returned the searing and unbearable heat.
High temperatures and hot winds make it very difficult for anyone to go out of the house.
Such a weather also brings a lot of health-related problems. Prolonged exposure to excessive heat can lead to dehydration which can cause a stroke.
Or exposure to hot winds can cause fever and make anyone bed-ridden for days.
But a few precautions can definitely help reduce the chances of anyone falling ill.
In this post, we share some DO's and DONT'S for the Summer Season.
Do read them carefully!

Don't buy an AC...Just rent it! Read more

👍 What to do during the Summer Season! Try and wear light-colored cotton clothes. Light color does not absorb light and keeps the insides cool. Also, avoid wearing tight clothes. Loose clothes allow air flow and hence keep the body fresh.
Drink lots of water. Summer heat can cause constant sweating that leads to continuous l…

Summer is Here - Need an AC? Just Rent It! | AC on rent

Summers are back!

Don't we all dread this time?

Too much heat and high temperatures really cause a lot of discomfort for all of us.

As it is, we are the new air-conditioned generation. Our bodies are accustomed to the cool environments and we just can't bear the heat.

Every summer season brings with it the task to buy new ACs or get older one's serviced.

If you are in the market for a new Air Conditioner, just wait a second.

Why buy...when you can Rent it!You can also rent Air purifiers! 

RentOMojo - Rent an AC Buying an AC is a headache!
When you buy an Air conditioner, you buy an expensive appliance that requires a stabilizer to keep it safe and yearly servicing and cleaning to keep it running in optimum condition.
And whats more, if you happen to damage its circuitry or the coolant gas leaks, more money goes down the drain in trying to get it repaired.
And once repaired, it keeps getting problems more often than not.
So it is better to rent an AC. We just ne…