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Tooth Sensitivity - Symptoms & Treatment | Health Tips

Our teeth allow us to chew and break down the food we eat before it goes into our stomach. This makes them one of the most important parts of our body. The teeth, on their own, are pretty strong and resistant to almost all kind of threats from outside. Even our saliva has antimicrobial properties which help the teeth in staying germ-free.

However, thanks to our changing lifestyle, the teeth have to bear a lot of abuse without enough care.

All this leads to a lot of dental problems like cavities, yellowing of teeth and tooth sensitivity. In this article, I will share the common symptoms one can see when he/she is suffering from tooth sensitivity. I will also share some tips for preventions and finally, some tips on what you can do if you already have sensitivity.

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Causes of Tooth Sensitivity As I men…

How to daily check Petrol & Diesel Prices in your city?

One of the biggest & boldest economic reforms that India has seen in the last few years, has been the complete deregulation of the petrol and diesel prices.

What it means is that the prices of petrol and diesel are now free from any subsidy provided by the government & are dependent on the current prices of Oil in the International Market. Those who are eligible to receive a subsidy on diesel and other petroleum products from the government, now receive that amount directly into their bank account. 

This step has definitely helped the petroleum companies to start making some profit and also the government to save a lot of money, which they can use on the welfare schemes for the people.
Though many people haven't taken this step positively even until now, it is one of the best decisions taken by the government for the betterment of India's economy.

However, a definite headache that this step has caused is that the prices of petrol and diesel are updated daily and it becomes…

PayTm Money - Mutual Funds in your Pocket!

PayTm has recently launched the PayTm Money app which is aimed at providing the people in India access to Mutual Funds through the comfort of their smartphones. PayTm has partnered with many banks to bring their mutual fund schemes into its portfolio and aims to grow it even more in the future.

Mutual Fund is a savings scheme that allows users to invest some money and earn a healthy interest rate on it. Though it should be known that mutual funds mostly invest in share markets and that the returns do depend on how the share market performs.
However, given the great growth of the Indian Economy and sharemarket in recent years, it's sensible to invest in long-term mutual funds.
And with apps like PayTm Money, it is becoming even more easy to invest in Mutual Funds. In this article, we will take a look at how the PayTm Money app works & how to set it up.

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You can…

What is CIBIL Score? How to Check CIBIL Score for free?

CIBIL score is a term used frequently in the financial circles these days. Primarily, it is a metric used by banks, and other financial institutions, when you approach them for a loan or credit card. Any Indian can check his/her individual CIBIL score anytime. But before we discuss how to check your CIBIL score for free, it is important to understand exactly, “What is CIBIL score”.

If you already know everything about CIBIL score, you can skip the next section. For everyone else, do read through to know what it actually means.
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What is CIBIL score?Many of you might have come across this term – CIBIL Score, at some point in your life. This is most likely to have happened when you may have applied for a loan or a credit card. And at that point in time, a question might have popped up in your mind – What is this CIBIL …

Cough & Cold - Symptoms & Home Remedies | Health Tips

India is a country of many seasons. For some months we have to face the blistering sun, and suddenly the temperature drops down thanks to the heavy rainfall during the monsoon.

Rainy season brings with it diseases like Dengue.Read Health tips about Dengue here
Though this season change brings some respite from the incumbent weather, it also catches our body of guard leading to seasonal diseases like a cough and cold.

These problems, though look small at first but can lead to bigger complications if not checked and resolved at the earliest.
In this post, we will share the common symptoms of cough and cold, basic preventive measures to say safe from this disease and some Home Remedies to cure it if you are already suffering from it.

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With all that said, let's get started.

Cough & Cold Symptoms Cough & Cold are…

Friendship Songs in Hindi | Friendship Day Special

Friendship is one of the most valuable relationships that we build in this world. Having amazing friends helps us handle even challenging situations with ease. The times spent with such best friends become the best and most cherished moments of our lives.

Enjoy this Friendship's day by listening and dedicating these amazing friendship songs in Hindi, that celebrate the spirit of friendship and relive those amazing moments that we have shared with our friends

This is a list of my personal favorite songs celebrating friendship and is by no means exhaustive. If you have a song to share that I may have missed, do share it in the comments below. I will be glad to add it to the list.

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Friendship Songs in Hindi Ye Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge You saw it coming, didn't you 😉 ! No friendship song list can be complete without this song. Enjoy this evergreen classic…

Dengue Fever Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment | Health tips

With the onset of monsoon, the one thing that the people of Delhi dread the most, apart from the problem of waterlogging, is Dengue fever. Not just Delhi, but many parts of India are affected by the outbreak of Dengue fever almost every year. Unfortunately, the government hasn’t been able to do much to prevent this outbreak. People face this disease every year and some don’t even survive it. However, unlike common perception, dengue is curable and one only needs to keep a few important things in mind. In this post, we share about the common dengue fever symptoms, how to avoid dengue and what to do if someone gets the disease.

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Dengue Fever SymptomsDengue is caused by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. This mosquito has black and white stripes on its body as shown in the dengue mosquito image below.

Dengue fever, unlike common perception, is very much treatabl…