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100% tatkal ticket refunds | What you should know? | Indian Railways


Indian railways tatkal tickets
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Indian Railways is not only one of the largest job providers, but also the biggest public transportation service in India. Everyday, lakhs and lakhs of people use the services of Indian Railways to travel from one place to another.

Tatkal ticket service is one of the most popular service offered by the indian railways. It allows people to book a ticket in a train till the last day of its departure.

However, unlike normal tickets, there was no provision of a refund in case of ticket cancellation.

But now there is!

Tatkal ticket refund | What you should know

Indian railways now allows 100% refund even in case of tatkal tickets.

But, not every ticket cancellation will get a refund. Indian railways has mentioned some specific cases where this refund will be issued.


These cases are:
  • Passengers can get the refund if the train is late by 3 hours or more.

  • Passengers are entitled for refund if the route of the train is changed/diverted due to any reason.
  • If the route of the train is diverted and the boarding station as well as the final station of the passenger are not on the new route, then the passenger can claim refund.

  • If passenger has not been allocated seat in the same class/coach as booked in the ticket, then the passenger can claim refund.

  • If passenger has been allocated a class lower than what he booked, he will get full refund in case of cancellation. If he chooses to travel, he will get the difference of the fares.

This is definitely a welcome move by the Indian railways.

Passengers will surely be benefited a lot..!

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