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How to Get your Marriage Certificate online in Uttar Pradesh?

online marriage registration in up

Marriage is an event which brings joy and happiness to everyone! It not just brings together two individuals but also their extended families & relatives. 

Everyone joins in the celebration and enjoys the day to the core. However, when it comes to getting the marriage certificate all joy turns to confusion & frustration.

Marriage Certificate is an Important document as it is a legal proof of marriage between two individuals. It's even more important in today's age of Digital India

One needs such a document for all public services such as Banks, Passports etc. And nowadays, it has become mandatory to get one's marriage registered.

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For a long time, a marriage certificate was not made by many married individuals. To obtain a marriage certificate, the marriage needed to be registered by the concerned government body. This required numerous documents and people were called multiple times to the registration office. This put off many individuals who then didn't consider it important enough to get their marriage registered.
Even Today, a majority of couples in rural areas as well towns, in India, don't consider it important. The primary reason is the hassle of the whole procedure.
However, things are now improving slowly. Certain states are coming up with an option to get marriages registered online. And they are making this possible by using AADHAAR.
Uttar Pradesh has had this option for some time now and Maharashtra also has announced such plans.


UP has a very robust application in place to get marriages registered online. I myself have tested it and also verified it by asking the concerned authority about it.
After your marriage, all you need to do is log on to their website,

the website is in the Hindi language by default. if you don't understand, just use chrome translate to view in English

Once you are directed to the next page, you will need to create a new application. Fill all the details as necessary.

After that, you will be asked to enter the aadhaar number of the Groom. An OTP will be sent to the groom's registered mobile number. Once it is entered, all his details, as well as photo, will be sourced from the Aadhaar database. 

On the next screen, a similar procedure will be employed for the bride. Next, you need to mention the date and place of your marriage.

Once it's complete, you need to pay a small registration fee. It's a very nominal fee of Rs 20 (as far as I remember) and can be paid online. 

Once all this process is complete, the marriage certificate will be mailed to your email address.
2 pdf's will be sent to your mail, one certificate in English and another in Hindi. 

It is a valid certificate with a proper certificate number mentioned at the top. All government organizations, as well as banks, will accept it.


If you are married, then you should definitely get your marriage registered. And with such an easy process now available, there is no reason not to.
Even if you were married 25 years ago and never bothered to get a marriage certificate, you can also register using this application. All you need is your and your spouse's Aadhaar card.
Maharashtra has also announced the start of such a service using Aadhaar. Hopefully, it will be similarly easy to use. And we hope more and more states follow this and provide such a service.

After all, getting a marriage registered shouldn't be a Herculean Task.

What do you think about this service? Have you registered your marriage yet? Will you be using this service anytime soon? Do let me know in the comments below.

Also, if you share any issues with it, you can ask your question too.

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