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Indian Films that were nominated at the Oscars | Pride of India

Oscar Nominated Indian Films

indian movies nominated at the academy awards

Oscar award ceremony is most reputed and coveted award ceremony in US film industry.

So much is the craze, that it is followed the world over.

A movie that receives and Oscar is considered to be among the best films made. Same goes for the actors, actresses, and directors.

Every country tries to send one of their best movies to compete for an Oscar in "THE BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE MOVIE" category.

And India is no exception. It has also tried hard to send, what it thinks are the best movies, to the Oscars in the hope of winning one day.

Unfortunately, it has yet to win the coveted trophy.

With the Oscar event near, let us look at the Indian Movies that were actually able to make a mark and get the final nominations.

The Oscar Nominations

  • Mother India
    Mother India poster by Sam Millar
    Source: flickr.com
    The first Indian film to reach the final nomination list, Mother India was a great hit of its time. It presented the very essence of the Indian culture. It only lost the Oscar by one vote and to date remains India's best entry sent to the Oscars.
    Read more about Mother India here.

  • Salaam BombaySalaam Bombay was directed by Mira Nair and was the second Indian film to make it to the final nomination list. It was based on the children of Mumbai Slums. Many people don't even know about this film and the fact that it also almost got India an Oscar.
    Read More about it here

  • LagaanAnd finally, we have Lagaan. No one can forget this Aamir Khan starrer that last made it to the final nomination list at the Oscars. It was a great and entertaining film is close to the hearts of all Indians.
    Read more about Lagaan here

Unfortunately, only three Indian movies have made it to the final nominations till now and the Oscar still eludes India.

Indian Movies that were amazing masterpieces

We hope someday we create a masterpiece and finally win the coveted award on the international stage.

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