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Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video | Who is winning in India?

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video

Logos are trademarks of Netflix and Amazon

The Indian online video streaming market is still new and has a long way to go. Despite this fact, there are plenty of options for the users.

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Apart from the international services like netflix and Amazon Prime Video, we have Hotstar, AltBalaji, SonyLIV, Airtel TV, JioTV, Voot etc.

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All the apps offer a lot of content to the users but Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offer the most wholesome and complete package with a large movie collection as well as tv shows including originals.

So whose winning between the two?

Despite having launched its services a full one year later than Netflix, Amazon Prime Video has gained a decent lead over the former.

According to the data shared by a London based agency, Amazon Prime Video had 0.61 million subscribers at the end of 2017. Netflix, in comparison had 0.52.

That's not all!

The Amazon Subscribers are growing at a faster rate than that of Netflix.

Why is Amazon winning?

There are a few reasons why Amazon is winning this battle currently.

  • The first reason is the price. Amazon Prime Video initially offered its subscription for just ₹499 per year. Though now it has been increased to ₹999/year, its still very low compared to the base plan of ₹500/month of Netflix.

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  • Also the fact that with Amazon subscription, you can use it on multiple devices. Whereas the base Netflix package offers access on just one device at a time.

  • The Amazon subscription also offers prime access on Amazon.com . Users will also get access to its upcoming music streaming service. Netflix has no such extra services.

  • And finally there is content. Amazon has tied up with big bollywood production houses to stream their movies. It also gets exclusive access to many low Budget latest movies. Netflix only has the strength of its original shows. Amazon has more regional content for Indian audience.

Though its growing slowly as compared to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix is content with the user base it is gaining.

But, whoever wins this battle, the main winner is the end consumer, that is US!

As long as we have options, the better for us.

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