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Rahul Gandhi | Rise of the leader, But a long way to go!


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No matter how much you may dislike him, even his ardent haters today will definitely acknowledge the fact that Rahul Gandhi has emerged a changed politician in the last few months. 

Despite all the setbacks congress party may have faced under his leadership in the recent elections, he still shows a resolve and determination to fight. This was something which was missing in him till now. And it's what keeping the grand old party of India still living in hopes of a revival.

But is it really a rise of a leader or just a Congress dream ready to be shattered!
In this post, I wish to share my thoughts about Shri Rahul Gandhi as a politician. It is not an article to bash any political party or to show their pros and cons.


Rahul Gandhi has long been referred to as a reluctant politician by his rivals in oppositions as well as most of the media. But they can't be blamed! 

The actions of Rahul Gandhi till now never exuded that confidence. His absence from important parliament sessions, his complete disappearance during ongoing major issues in the country and ill-timed comments really made everyone sit up and think if he really had any qualities fit for being a politician in India.
His considerably poor oratory skills, when compared to his rivals, haven't helped either.

All this has led to Congress losing the aura that it once had. It has been reduced to just 44 seats in the current Lok Sabha and its performance in state elections arent showing any signs of its revival.

And all this comes back to haunt the current vice president, and the to be president of the Congress party.

I personally don't think so! 


Because I believe he hasn't been able to show what he is capable of achieving.
I agree that as a politician, having good oratory skills do help in connecting with the people. But it in no way is a must.


We have had Dr. Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister of India for 10 years, and we all are aware of his oratory skills. Had this been a major criterion, Dr. Manmohan Singh wouldn't have been voted into power for the second term.

Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee was a great leader and an excellent orator. I personally feel he is one of the best Prime Ministers India has ever had. Yet he lost the elections for his second term.

Congress party is a very old party with structural and organizational issues, something even Rahul Gandhi hasn't been able to clean up till now. Until all Congress leaders agree to makes changes in the way it functions, it will be difficult for the party to revive its fortunes. And a single person can't be blamed for that.

The rise of India's current prime minister, Shri Narendra Modi, hasn't helped either. 
Shri Narendra Modi has an aura second to none in today's India. His political, administrative and oratory skills have helped him build a strong connection with the people of India. And the unconditional support that his party provides to him helps him take tough decisions, both within the party as well as for the nation.


Rahul, on the other hand, doesn't enjoy that much freedom in his party I feel. He may be their chosen leader, but he is not able to influence other senior Congress leaders as Modi Ji has been able to in his own party.
Comparing Rahul Gandhi to Modi, it the current scenario, is not only unfair but also laughable.
But not being able to match Modi Ji does not make him a failed politician.

Despite a slow and turbulent start, Rahul Gandhi seems to be finding his feet in the Indian political stage. He has shown considerable improvement. Anyone who follows politics with a non-biased and open mind would agree to this fact.

His oratory skills seem to be improving. His speeches show signs of a desire to connect with the masses. But he still has a long way to go.

Now, with his elevation as the new Congress President, Rahul has an opportunity to show what he is capable of. 

The next Lok Sabha elections may not produce the desired results for him but if he has the patience and will to work hard, he might reap success soon after.

To be a mass leader and achieve a connection with the people like Modi Ji does, Rahul Gandhi will need to spend time with the people. He would need to understand the issues at the ground level and then come up with solutions for them.
As for the failures, they don't mean the end. Every failure teaches something. Even the light bulb was invented after numerous failures. There is no substitute for HARD WORK to achieve SUCCESS.

At the end of the day, all we Indians want is a leader who can lead the nation to glory. It really doesn't matter which party he/she comes from. Having options is not only good for us but also for our nation's Democracy.

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rahul gandhi news

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