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Zoomin Metal Prints | Unboxing & Review | India


zoomin.com metal prints unboxing and review

If you are a fan of photo prints, then its quite possible that you may have heard of Zoomin or Zoomin.com. It's quite a popular photo printing website and offers great options to those who are interested in getting physical prints of their digital memories.
I have personally known about Zoomin for many years now. It used to be the only worthy site I could find, especially in India.
Nowadays there are many like Canvera. But Zoomin has stayed pretty consistent for me over the years with great support and product quality. I have got many photo prints, calendars and even canvases printed from them.

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However, this time I thought of trying a different product that they have in their portfolio - METAL PRINTS.

Since my product was to be a gift, I thought of experimenting with this new style and see if its worth it. Since I couldn't find any reviews about it, I thought of sharing my review of the same for any future prospective buyer.

Now if you do find the review useful and think of trying Zoomin for the first time, then I would suggest you use COUPON code "7QDPLAMM" at the time of checkout. It will help you save Rs 150/- off your order.


After placing the order on their website, the package arrived within 4 days which in my opinion is a very fast delivery. As always the packaging was neat and appealing. I always find that Zoomin ensures that all products are shipped in good packaging to ensure nothing gets damaged during transit.

Upon opening the cardboard envelope, we get three things,
  • The main metal print covered by 2 cardboards on either side to prevent any damage.
  • A stand
  • A thank you card


The Stand

The overall look and feel of the product is premium. The stand provided seems to be some sort of hard premium plastic with a frosted glass look. It has a groove where metal plate needs to be placed.

Metal Print

The metal plate seems to be aluminum though I am not sure. When I had looked at the representative images in Zoomin websites, I thought it would be decently thick but it was actually thinner.

Though I would like to state here that it's in no way bad. It's just that I was expecting it to be thicker. It's perfectly durable and of good quality.

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But I won't recommend bending it. It will bend.

There are 2 sizes offered by zoomin. One is 6x6 and other is an 8x8 inch. I would recommend you to go with 8x8. The former will be too small.

Check my 8x8 print size comparison with my Redmi Note 3 smartphone.


The product felt really good and premium. It is a worthy gift to anyone. The print quality of the metal was also top notch like always. I won't be showing you the photo due to privacy reasons but trust me, it was worth the money spent. All in all, a very good gift idea.

If you don't like the stand, you can get the metal print framed to be hanged on your wall. It will live on for a long time without any issue.

If you like to get photos printed, you definitely should check out Zoomin.com

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zoomin review

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