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Lotto Vertigo Running shoes | The best Value for money shoes you can buy!

Lotto Vertigo Running Shoes | Unboxing and Review

lotto vertigo running shoes review

Shoes form a very important part of the wardrobe, be it for Men or women. And with the launch of online shopping websites, it has become very easy to buy shoes online.

Gone are the days when we used to go to a shoe shop to buy a new pair of footwear for ourselves.

But its also hard to find the best value for money shoes online as you can't really know the quality of the shoe till you receive it.

In this post, we share the Unboxing and review of Lotto Vertigo Running Shoes, that we recently purchased and found to be extremely VALUE FOR MONEY!

So let's begin...!

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The box packaging is like your typical shoe box. The Box has Lotto written on the top in bold with some designs.

lotto vertigo shoes review

Upon opening the box, you get your shoes. I ordered the black color as it looks really amazing and classy.

But there are other color options as well like GREY, BLUE, and WHITE


lotto vertigo running shoes review

I really think the black color looks really classy and stylish. Although I feel the blue color also is very royal. You can check it out as well.

I bought this pair for under Rs 1999 and I feel they are very much worth it.

lotto vertigo shoes review


The shoes have a mesh fabric all over and it looks really premium.

But what's even greater than the premium look is the fact that the mesh fabric allows air circulation inside the shoe.

This really helps as the foot can easily breathe inside. Hence the feet don't get sweaty inside.

The fabric is also quite sturdy and can handle difficult terrain. Even the sole is strong with a good grip. I have myself tested it on a trekking trip.

After the trek, the black does get a dusty like any other shoe but it gets cleaned easily.

The shoelace is also grippy and of good quality. I have had shoes whose laces always came undone on their own quite often. But I face no such issue with this shoe.

PRO-TIP: If you are planning to buy this shoe from amazon, follow the size chart guide. Measure your foot length and then check the appropriate size.

 If your size comes at 70.5 mm supposingly and the provided chart has one size at 70 mm and one at 71 mm, always buy the 71 mm size shoe.

lotto vertigo running shoes review

The foot feels very comfortable inside and the shoes have a very good grip on the feet without being too tight.

One can wear them for a long period of time. This is very useful while traveling.

The shoe is also very light. Hence it doesn't add much weight to your feet. Hence you feel very light while walking.

It is nice to see that even though it's so light, its pretty sturdy.

lotto vertigo shoes review

The gold color accents on the LOTTO logo on the black shoe also looks really awesome and premium.

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The only negative I find with this shoe is that due to the mesh design, it can accumulate dust if you are constantly in a dusty environment.
The dark color of the shoes adds to this and can give a very dirty look after a struggle in the dusty terrain.

Final Thoughts

lotto vertigo running shoes review

Overall, this has been one of the best pairs of shoes I have bought online.

I have bought a few but have never been satisfied enough.

But this time, I am more than satisfied..!

I am very happy with these shoes...!

I recommend them to you for sure!

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