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Special Status for States | What does it Mean? | Criteria And Benefits explained

Special Status Meaning | India | States

what is special status for ap
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After months of warnings, attacks and counter attacks, the BJP ally in Andhra Pradesh - TDP or Telugu Desam Party, has finally left the NDA alliance at the central government and called for a No Confidence motion against the Modi Government.

But why has TDP been at loggerheads with a party with which it was friendly some time back?


You might have been hearing about it for quite some time in news channels and read in the newspapers.

But what exactly does having a SPECIAL STATUS MEAN?
Well, I hope to solve your doubts through this post.

So let us begin!

Special Status Meaning 

As the term itself explains itself quite a bit, Special status meaning providing someone or something more benefits or extra privileges.

For example, millionaires and billionaires are provided special privileges at airports.

Certain politicians even have separate entry points and can take their cars right up to the planes they are to board.

These are examples of having a special status.

Similar to the above examples, States in India can also get Special Status.

There are 2 types of Special statuses.

  • One is the Special Status similar to what Jammu and Kashmir has, and requires the bill to be passed by a 2/3rd majority in both houses of the Indian Parliament.
Special Status empowers legislative and political rights while Special Category Status deals only with economic, administrative and financial aspects.

  • Second is Special Category Status which is granted by the national development council.
The concept of a special category state was first introduced in 1969 when the 5th Finance Commission sought to provide certain disadvantaged states with preferential treatment in the form of central assistance and tax breaks.

The Constitution does not have any provision for categorization of any state as a Special Category Status (SCS) State

The special status is granted to the states on different parameters.
1. Hilly and difficult terrain
2. Low population density
3. Strategic location along the borders of the country
4. Economic and infrastructure backwardness
5. Non-viable nature of state finances.

Currently, 11 states have Special Category StatusJammu and Kashmir, Assam, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Sikkim, Tripur, and Uttarakhand.

Why is TDP asking for Special Category Status for Andhra Pradesh

In 2014, when Andhra Pradesh got bifurcated into 2 states - Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, it lost a lot of high revenue cities and resources to Telangana.

This led to an economic crisis in the state trying to stand back up on its feet.

The then central Government led by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh announced that he would award Special category status to the newly created state of Andhra Pradesh for 5 years.

The BJP or Bhartiya Janata Party supported this and said that they would extend it for 5 more years if voted to power. 

Hence TDP fought the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections alongside the BJP.

However, ever since coming to power, BJP has been sidelining this demand of TDP as it says that Andhra Pradesh does not fulfill the requirements needed to be given a Special Category Status.

What will Andhra Pradesh gain from Special Category Status

Special category status definitely has its merits!

It provides concessions in excise rates which helps in attracting investments.

It also provides preferential treatment from central government when allocating funds for schemes.

But the main reason is that for all centrally sponsored schemes, The central Government bears 90% of the cost and only 10% is borne by the state government.

This is in contrast to 60% central assistance to regular states.

Since Andhra Pradesh is already reeling in a sort of Economic crises due to the bifurcation, such benefits for 10 years would definitely help them.

Even Bihar has asked for Special Category Status to be granted to it!

Final Thoughts

I hope this article has been able to provide some clarity on what this issue is and what having Special Category Status actually means.

Though I have tried to cover as many points as possible, if you think I have missed an important point, let me know in the comments below.

Will definitely add it to this article.

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