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Do Airplanes have a reverse gear? How do Airplanes move backward?

Do Planes have a reverse Gear?

how do airplanes move backward
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I am sure quite a lot of you may have traveled by Airplane. No matter how many times you travel, it's always a great feeling when you leave the ground below and fly up into the sky.

Everything looks so tiny from up above.

But have you ever wondered, how a plane moves while it's on the ground?

More specifically, how it moves backward?

Well, you might be thinking, like any other vehicle of course. It must be having a reverse gear which allows it to move backward...RIGHT?


What if I tell you that an Airplane does not have any reverse gear and it cannot move backward on its own!

It's true!

How does an Airplane Move?

Before I tell you how an Airplane moves, first tell me how does any other vehicle move?

Through its engine of course...Right!

The engine provides the necessary power which is used by a gear system to be transmitted to the wheels.

Using a combination of shafts and motors, the engine power is used to either go forward or backward by regular geared vehicles.

Coming back to the airplane, these do not have a regular gear system (if at all). Their engines are on their wings and work on the principle of thrust.

These engines suck in air from the front and then push that air out from behind with great force.

This generates a powerful thrust which applies a force, in the opposite direction, on the plane itself.

This makes the plane move forward. As the engine thrust increases, so the does the speed of the plane. And after a certain threshold speed, the plane flies into the air.

Since the flow of air is only from front to back, planes can only move forward on their own, when their engines are running. The wheels of the airplane are otherwise free rolling.

But plane's do move Backward? I have seen it myself!

Yes, Yes!

I Agree.

Planes do move backward. But as I said, Not on their own.

As I said before, the wheels of the plane are free. So when a plane needs to move backward, a powerful vehicle pushes it from the front.

This vehicle is known as a PUSHBACK. And as the name suggests, it pushes the Airplane backward.
do airplanes have a reverse gear

When the plane is in clear area and now only needs to move forward, the pilot turns on the engine and starts moving forward.

If the plane is already in a clear area, it might not need pushback's help as it might not need to move back.

I hope you found this article useful and your doubts were cleared. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments.

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do airplanes have a reverse gear, how do planes move backward

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