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Summer is Here - Need an AC? Just Rent It! | AC on rent


ac on rent
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Summers are back!

Don't we all dread this time?

Too much heat and high temperatures really cause a lot of discomfort for all of us.

As it is, we are the new air-conditioned generation. Our bodies are accustomed to the cool environments and we just can't bear the heat.

Every summer season brings with it the task to buy new ACs or get older one's serviced.

If you are in the market for a new Air Conditioner, just wait a second.

Why buy...when you can Rent it!
You can also rent Air purifiers! 

RentOMojo - Rent an AC

Buying an AC is a headache!

When you buy an Air conditioner, you buy an expensive appliance that requires a stabilizer to keep it safe and yearly servicing and cleaning to keep it running in optimum condition.

And whats more, if you happen to damage its circuitry or the coolant gas leaks, more money goes down the drain in trying to get it repaired.

And once repaired, it keeps getting problems more often than not.

So it is better to rent an AC. We just need it for one season out of the 4.

Rent O Mojo (www.rentomojo.com) offers AC on rent online.

You just choose your capacity and your rental period. And then for a monthly fee, you can use it without tension.

All maintenance and servicing are taken care of by the service provider.

And you can also cancel your tenure before its official date for a fee or renew your tenure if needed.

Rent-O-Mojo offer services to many major Indian cities currently. You can read their detailed FAQs here!

So if you are on the lookout for a new AC, give them a chance and try RENTING AN AC once!

It might just be the best decision for you! Whats more, they might have an offer running that may help you save some of the rental cost.

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