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Summer is Back | How to Beat the Summer Heat? - Do's and Dont's

How to beat the heat this summer?

how to beat the heat this summer
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So the summer season has returned.

And with it, has returned the searing and unbearable heat.

High temperatures and hot winds make it very difficult for anyone to go out of the house.

Such a weather also brings a lot of health-related problems. Prolonged exposure to excessive heat can lead to dehydration which can cause a stroke.

Or exposure to hot winds can cause fever and make anyone bed-ridden for days.

But a few precautions can definitely help reduce the chances of anyone falling ill.

In this post, we share some DO's and DONT'S for the Summer Season.

Do read them carefully!

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👍 What to do during the Summer Season! 

  • Try and wear light-colored cotton clothes. Light color does not absorb light and keeps the insides cool. Also, avoid wearing tight clothes. Loose clothes allow air flow and hence keep the body fresh.

  • Drink lots of water. Summer heat can cause constant sweating that leads to continuous loss of water from the body. This needs to be replenished regularly. Drinking 2-3 glasses of water once and then not drinking anything for 2-3 hours does not help. Drink 1-1.5 glasses every hour to keep the body well hydrated. If possible, consumption of lemon water or glucon-D a couple of times a day is also beneficial.

  • Hands and lips are a good indicator of the hydration level of the body. If you feel your hands or lips are dry, you should start drinking water at regular intervals immediately. And if you are too busy and just can't seem to remember, let your smartphone remind you. There are plenty of apps that let you set an hourly reminder to drink water. Or just use a cheap activity band. All activity bands remind you to get up once every hour. When it does, go to the water dispenser and drink a glass of water as well. 2 targets achieved at one go!

  • Usually during summers, one does not feel like eating anything. However not eating can lead to lack of energy. Eat small parts at regular intervals. Try and include as many fruits as you can in your diet. Have a heavy breakfast so that you have adequate energy for the rest of the day, even if you don't eat as much.

  • Avoid going out between 11-4, when the effect of heat is maximum. Only if its urgent should you go out. Otherwise, just stay indoors.

  • If you have to go out, wear a scarf so as to cover your nose and ears. Avoid contact of your nose and ears with the hot winds. These are sensitive organs and any illness starts from here.

  • If you are dehydrated or feel uneasy, immediately contact a doctor or seek medical help.

👎 What not to do during the Summer Season! 

  • If you have been out in the sun for some time, don't immediately enter an air-conditioned room. Allow your body to cool down a bit outside the room before entering to avoid falling ill.

  • Same goes for water. Don't immediately drink cold water after coming from outside. Allow the body to cool down first, else it may fall ill.

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