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Delhi Pollution - Is Delhi slowly becoming Inhabitable?

Delhi Air Pollution

delhi pollution

On 13th June 2018, Wednesday, I landed in Delhi after a short trip to Bangalore.

And what I saw shocked and scared me to the core!

I couldn't help but write this article to express my displeasure and concern over the deteriorating conditions in DELHI, the national capital of India.

On 13th June 2018, I was greeted by a thick layer of dust and pollution which made breathing very difficult.

One could literally feel the dust entering through the nose and into the mouth as well as the lungs.

The cab driver, who later dropped me home, informed that it had been like this for 2 days now. And even as of today, 15th June 20118, I find no substantial respite.

If you Google Search "Delhi Pollution", this is what you get as on 15th June 2018.

delhi air pollution index

Not a New Problem, But...!

For people who are permanent residents of Delhi, this problem is nothing new for them.

Thanks to the location of Delhi, as well as rapidly growing population, it has always been plagued by pollution problems.

However, most people would agree that this problem was mostly concentrated during specific months.

For the past decade though, the air pollution problem in Delhi has aggravated to extreme levels.

Vehicular pollution, Pollution due to crop burning, dust from Rajasthan desert area etc have been causing extreme air pollution in Delhi for quite some time now.

And whats more, it is no longer limited to a specific time period. Delhi suffers from extreme pollution all through the year.

And if all this doesn't scare you...YET, then read this new revelation.

According to a recent article in Times Of India, Experts have said that Delhi and Gurgaon are headed to an early desertification. Meaning in a decade or two, Delhi might become a desert.

With all this dust in the air all the time, and excessive heat during summers and cold during winters, this might actually be true.

Health Issues 

People these days are having health problems more than ever.

As if the new lifestyle of eating junk food was not enough to cause a plethora of diseases previously unheard of, air pollution is leading to more problems.

I remember a time when Asthma, a breathing disorder, was quite uncommon. Nowadays, every other child born has this medical condition.

What else can you expect when children are being born in such a polluted environment.

Not just asthma, but people are now suffering from cough, itching eyes, breathing issues etc. And these problems are being faced not just by children or the elderly, but also by the middle-aged healthy people.

What's the Government doing?

That is the same question I am asking myself!

Delhi is home to 2 governments - The Central Government as well as the Delhi Government.

Yet, there seem to be no concrete and strict steps to curb the menace of pollution. Delhi welcomes so many important leaders, dignitaries, and other VIP guests.

Do we want to welcome them in such an environment? Does it not belittle us in front of our guests?

Many other countries have faced pollution problems in their cities. China is the best example. However, with strict policies, they have been able to control pollution to quite an extent.

Delhi, on the other hand, seems to be an out of control train speeding towards an eventual destruction.

I fail to understand why politicians can't take strict actions. I am sure people won't mind following them. People are more than willing to contribute towards improving the air quality in Delhi. If only politicians were that willing. 

If Only...!

But no!

Our honorable Prime Minister travels all over the world, but unfortunately, hasn't yet found the time to take steps for controlling the pollution in Delhi.

And as for the Honourable CM of Delhi, the less said the better. He will go on Hunger Strikes, visit Bangalore to cure his cough and fight with the Governor of Delhi for petty reasons.

But when it comes to taking steps for curbing pollution in Delhi, I wonder if he even thinks about it.

The only concrete step he ever took in this regard was Odd-Even. And he did not even continue with it for long.

What can we do?

For now, We can only try and avoid going out in such a weather.

I know it's not a feasible solution since almost all of us are working individuals. But if possible, avoid venturing out.

Stay indoors in office during office hours, or Work from Home if you have that option.

Don't exercise or go out for walks in dusty weather. You will be doing more harm to yourself than any good.

If you can afford it, buy an Air Purifier for your home. It will definitely be beneficial, especially if you have kids.

If you don't want to buy one, YOU CAN RENT IT AS WELL!

And...if you have an option to relocate to some other city, just do it before you do any more harm to your health.

For people like us, who are currently stuck here, there seems to be no respite in sight for the foreseeable future. 
God Bless Us All! 

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