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Fun Aviation Facts you never knew about! | Did you know!

Aviation Facts

aviation facts you never knew about

We all love traveling by air, don't we!

Airplanes have made traveling between far of places so fast and convenient.

However, there are a few things/facts that you may have observed during every flight and wondered why this is so.

In this post, I aim to answer some of the basic queries we usually have when flying by stating some fun aviation facts.

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Do Airplanes have a reverse gear?

You might have wondered about it quite a bit.

Most planes reverse back before taxiing to the runway.

But do they do that on their own or are helped by something?
The answer, in short, is, NO. The jet engine airplanes do not have a reverse gear. They are pushed back by a short vehicle.


Why are window shades kept open during Takeoff and Landing?

Have you all not wondered why every time the plane is about to take off or land, the air hostess checks if the window shades are open or not. They ask you to open them if they are closed.

Well, there is a very valid reason for this. If a plane, especially its engine, has a problem and develops a snag, passengers can easily notice it with their windows open.

It the engine catches fire or smoke is coming out, a pilot may not immediately know, but passengers can notice immediately and inform the air hostess.

Also, during takeoff and landing, there is always a change of a bird strike which can affect the engine. Passengers can help notice such an incident and let the air hostess know.

Why are Cabin Lights dimmed during Takeoff and landing?

This question is related to the above question.

You must have observed that cabin lights are dimmed every time the plane takes off or lands. This is to allow the eyes of the passengers to adjust to lower levels of light.

In times of emergency, power can fail leading to loss of light inside the cabin.

With cabin lights already dimmed, the human eye will already be accustomed to low levels of light. This will help them find their way out of the aircraft during emergency situations.

Where is the fuel stored in an Airplane?

Now, this is a very good question!

You all may have seen the fuel pipe is added to the fuel socket present in the wings.

So, is the fuel stored in the wings?

Yes. The fuel is stored on the wings and under the belly of the airplane. The fuel tank of the airplane Starts from one wing, somewhere near the engine, and then goes through the bottom of the plane ending at the same place on the other wing.

This helps easy access of fuel to the engine. Apart from that, excess fuel can also be expelled from the wings easily using small nozzles in time of emergency landings.

I will Keep updating this article with more fun aviation facts! If you have a fun fact you wish to share, let me know in the comments below. If you wish to correct me in some points, let me know in the comments.

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