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How to whiten your teeth? | Health Tips

How to Whiten Teeth

How to whiten your teeth product review

In today's times, the lifestyle of the people has changed quite drastically, when compared to olden times.

Thanks to office jobs, most people live a sedentary life without much physical activity. This leads to lots of health problems eventually.

We also nowadays have processed foods which are not only bad for the health of the body but also our teeth.

Many of us take our teeth for granted and don't take proper care of them.

Regular abuse can lead to yellowness of teeth, accumulation of plaque and ultimately cavities.

But it's never too late to start.

Dental care

There are plenty of natural mixtures that you can make at home to take care of your teeth and whiten them.

In this post, however, I am going to tell and review about a product that claims to remove plaque and whiten your teeth.

So let's gets started!

Activated charcoal

The product I am going to share is based on activated charcoal. I am sure some of you must have heard of this term.

But many of you may be wondering WHAT IS ACTIVATED CHARCOAL

Very Simply, Activated Charcoal (also known as activated carbon) is a form of carbon that has been heated or otherwise treated to increase its adsorptive power. Activated charcoal/carbon has the property to strongly attract impurities to itself, which then form a coating around the carbon molecules.

To understand more easily, think of a strong magnet. if you bring it near powdered iron, the iron powder is strongly attracted towards the magnet and forms a film around it. It's the same principle here.

You may have seen ads for many face washes that claim to use activated carbon for deep cleaning of skin.

The product I am going to review is basically just activated charcoal, made for dental usage.

It is called Teeth Whitening by The Beauty Co. and claims to remove plaque and whiten your teeth.

teeth whitening

The product uses activated carbon generated from coconut shells, according to the company.

I have personally used this product for over a month now and I can now share my honest opinions with you.

Yes, the product works!

But...don't expect miracles from it.

  • It won't magically remove cavities from your teeth if you already have them.

  • It won't make your teeth white if you have already stained them by consuming tobacco products.

teeth whitening

But if your teeth have grown yellowish over time, it will definitely reduce the yellowishness and whiten them to a considerable degree.

As for removing plaque, I can't measure it for certain but after every brush, the teeth do feel clean and fresh.

How to use?

It is pretty straightforward to use.

You wet your toothbrush a little and then dip it in the power.

Only a small bit of powder is enough for a single usage. Don't use a lot or else your mouth will be full of activated charcoal.

Since every brush session uses a small bit of powder, even the 50gm box of the product lasts a long time.

Once you have taken the powder, just brush normally for 1-2 minutes.

Your teeth will become black during brushing, but don't be scared.

Finally, rinse the mouth thoroughly. Ensure all particles are out of your mouth.

Regular/daily use will definitely start showing positive results in a week.

I have personally used the product and would definitely recommend it!

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell everyone to please take care of their dental health as well. Teeth are very important and if you take care of them, they will support you for a long time.

teeth whitening

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