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Cough & Cold | Symptoms & Home Remedies | Health Tips

India is a country of many seasons. For some months we have to face the blistering sun, and suddenly the temperature drops down thanks to the heavy rainfall during the monsoon.

Rainy season brings with it diseases like Dengue. 
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Though this season change brings some respite from the incumbent weather, it also catches our body of guard leading to seasonal diseases like a cough and cold.

These problems, though look small at first but can lead to bigger complications if not checked and resolved at the earliest.
cough and cold symptoms, prevention and home remedies

In this post, we will share the common symptoms of cough and cold, basic preventive measures to say safe from this disease and some Home Remedies to cure it if you are already suffering from it.

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With all that said, let's get started.

Cough & Cold Symptoms

Cough & Cold are caused by a virus and cause the following symptoms in the patient.

  • A sore throat which may lead to tonsillitis. One may feel pain in the throat as well.
  • Dry or wet cough.
  • Blocked nose or running nose. One may also feel pain in the nose intermittently.
  • Chest congestion with difficulty in clear and deep breathing.
  • Slight body ache and headache.
  • Slight fever
Though the symptoms are not limited to the above mentioned, these are usually the most common signs of Cough & Cold one can observe in the patient.

Cough & Cold Home Remedies

Most cases of cough & cold are not very serious and can be taken care of with a few home remedies. As is, one should stay clear of taking chemical medicines for illness until and unless absolutely necessary.

We all need to understand that medicine is not a magic pill that can cure any disease. Every disease is cured by the body itself. 

Medicines only stimulate the body to create antibodies which help fight the disease. If we take medicine for every small illness, our body will become dependent on these chemicals and lose its natural ability to fight off such illness. Hence, we should always try home remedies first to enhance our body's natural defense against minor illness.

  • During cough & cold, almost all patients suffer from chest congestion and blocked nose. For all patients suffering from this condition, it is suggested to inhale the steam for clearing blocked and congested nose and chest. Just boil some water in a pan and add some Vicks vaporub to it. Then just lower your face over the pan and cover it with a towel. Try breathing normally. Repeat multiple times for complete relief. 
It is also advised to drink warm water. That will also help clear congested chest.

  • If you have a sore throat, you should do gargling with hot saline water 2-3 times a day. Gargling with saline water is considered one of the best natural remedies for a sore throat. Many times it provides almost instant relief to pain in the throat as well as your nose. Also during the night, you can keep a clove piece crushed under the teeth. I have personally tested this remedy and found beneficial results always. If your throat is very sore, you should do gargling before sleeping and then crush 2 cloves between the teeth on either side of the mouth. It helps relieve throat pain to quite an extent. 
Cough & Cold Symptoms & Home Remedies
Chew Clove for Sore Throat relief

  • Drinking Strong Masala tea is also very beneficial for your sore throat. If you don't have masala tea, just make a strong cup of tea with ginger, pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, Tulsi. Don't add a lot of milk to it. If possible, avoid milk altogether. This mixture (commonly called as kadha in Indian households) really helps in providing immediate as well as long lasting relief to the throat. Take helping of the same 2-3 times during the day to fight off the most stubborn sore throats and cough.
Cough & Cold Symptoms & Home Remedies
Masala Tea for Sore throat relief.

  • Apart from this, milk mixed with honey and turmeric is also beneficial for helping the body fight slight fever and running/blocked nose. However, I personally don't advise drinking this if you have a stuffy throat as turmeric can add to the stuffiness of the throat even more. For other cases, you should definitely drink this as turmeric is known for its medicinal properties.

  • Anti-Pyretic medicine like Paracetamol can be taken for fever if required.

All the above home remedies, accompanied with proper rest, will definitely help the body fight off Cough & Cold within a couple of days. 

However, if you don't see any improvement in the conditions of the patient for 2 days, or the condition becomes even worse, the patient should be rushed to the hospital for a proper check-up by the doctor.

Cough & Cold Prevention

During season change, one should avoid drinking cold water after immediately coming from outside. Exposing the body to sudden temperature changes, especially by drinking cold/chilled water is the major cause of cough and cold among all.

Like most diseases, it is quite possible to prevent the diseases to affect our body. This can be achieved by keeping oneself fit and our body's defense mechanism in top form.

Daily exercising or even half an hour brisk walk is quite sufficient in the daily run. I have also personally found that intake of milk with turmeric every night helps improve the defense mechanism of our body. Ayurvedic Edible items like Chywanprash are also quite beneficial in slowly improving the body immunity over time. 

However, living an active life along with healthy eating habits are the main key. They can really help improve body immunity a lot and thus prevent small diseases from affecting our body.

I hope this article will help you stay fit and fight off cough and cold. 

How did you find this article? Do you know of any more home remedies?

Let me know in the comments below.

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