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How to Pass Time - 5 ways to avoid getting bored! | Desi Tips

Many times we find ourselves with plenty of time to spare, but we are not really sure about how to pass this time. We keep trying to think of what we should do and end up doing nothing. This can be really boring and frustrating.

How to Pass Time - 5 ways to avoid getting bored! | Desi Tips

Doing nothing can be very frustrating and even bad for one's mental health!

If you too find yourself in such a situation, more often than not, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will share 5 things you can do to pass time. 

Even if you never face such a situation in your life, I would request you to still read the article. Who knows, you may find a new or interesting activity to do.

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5 Ways to Pass Time


Reading books is a great habit to have!

How to Pass Time - reading

Not only does it help in passing your free time really well, but it also expands your horizon by exposing you to new and creative content. Reading has always been a great activity and having the habit to read books such as a novel or even short stories opens our mind to newer perspectives.

Reading allows us to come across newer words that enhances our vocabulary.

This is very beneficial for enhancing our understanding of language and also helps in improving our verbal communication.

With e-books readily available these days, reading is much more cheaper and readily accessible to all. Just get a tablet or a Kindle e-reader and access a large collection of e-books through kindle unlimited or through your prime subscription.

One should not only inculcate this habit within oneself but also promote this habit amongst their kids.


Yes, you read it right! Gaming is a great way to pass time. And it's also a great way to keep your mind active and develop its creative abilities.

How to Pass Time - gaming

Games force the players to think of a new playing strategy every time which keeps the mind active and running. It is a great way of developing a creative mindset amongst children.

Games can be played either using physical board games or using your smartphones/tablets.

Those who gaming can play any game they like, but if you are not really into gaming, you can try lighter titles like Ludo King Or Words with Friends.

Ludo King is a great game which allows you to pass your time by competing with other Ludo players all over the world in real time. It's a great way to entertain an pass time.

Words with Friends is another game that allows you to pass your time easily. It also helps build up your vocabulary and forces you to think as you play.

I have seen many people play chess as well on Chess.com as well as on the smartphones. It is yet another game that challenges your brain and keeps you entertained and active.

Listen to Music

Everyone loves listening to some form of music. Some prefer slow, melodious songs whereas some prefer hard rock metal. Whatever your choice may be, you can listen to music and relax in your free time.

Listening to music is one of the best and most relaxing activities one can do to pass his/her time.
How to Pass Time - music

There are plenty of ways you can access music for free. 
  • YouTube has a large collection of all types of songs and music which you can stream or save offline.
  • Soundcloud is a popular cloud service for all types of music.
  • If you are an Airtel customer in India, most plans come with free access to Wynk Music which allows you to stream and save music offline for free.
  • If you are a Jio customer, you get free access to Jio Music app.
  • If you are an Amazon Prime customer, you get free access to Amazon Prime Music.
  • If you have access to nothing mentioned above, you can use Gaana or Saavn apps to stream music for free.
With data plans becoming so cheap, music streaming is definitely easy and affordable for everyone. Music streaming is the future of listening to music and you can access it for free.

Learn New Languages

If you are free and have time to spare, its a great time to learn a new language. There are so many amazing languages in the world. Most of us know only a few. For example, I personally know English and Hindi. 

Won't it be awesome if we knew how to communicate in more languages!

How to Pass Time - learn languages

It would be an interesting challenge for yourself and would keep your mind active and occupied as well. Learning to communicate in a new language would help you stand out in your friend circle and maybe be beneficial in future as well.

And you need not to visit a language learning school for this. There are so many apps, like memrise and duolingo, available for your smartphone which help you learn many languages. So you can do this anytime, anywhere.

So utilize that free time to learn a new language. It can be anything - Spanish, French or even any of our South Indian languages like Telugu.

So next time you want to watch a south Indian film, you don't need to wait for its dubbed version. You can enjoy it, the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Watching Web Series

Thanks to affordable internet available for all, we can not only stream music but also watch movies or tv shows on the go. They too can be a great way to pass time.

How to Pass Time - TV

These days, there are many video streaming sites and apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hotstar etc, which provide access to movies, TV shows, as well as, their own original web series.

These web series are not only entertaining but also provide the users with extra options, apart from movies and TV shows, to watch.

So next time you find yourself with free time and nothing else to do, start a new web series and watch its episodes. You won't know where your time went.

Final Thoughts

I have listed out just the 5 of the most common ways that would help almost everyone pass their time. There can be many more ways that are suited to specific individuals.

You can pass time by following your hobbies that you are passionate about. For example, those who love drawing can pass time by creating a new masterpiece. Those who love music can create their own music. Many of you may like nature and would find solace in gardening. Those interested in share market can pass time by dealing in shares.

It's simply up to you what you want to do!

Ask yourself what gives you satisfaction, and just follow it. You will never ever feel bored again. Of course, it also must be ensured that it doesn't hurt anyone else. You may like listening to music at loud volumes but it may disturb your neighbours.

Follow your passions and spread happiness all around. That is the key!

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