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Thugs of Hindostan - 5 Reasons why it may be the BEST Movie of 2018

Thugs of Hindostan - 5 Reasons why it may be the BEST Movie of 2018
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Thugs of Hindostan is definitely one of the most anticipated Bollywood Movies of 2018. With it releasing on the festive season of Diwali, there is no doubt it will set a new benchmark of success in the Bollywood Film Industry.

With big stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan, who also happen to be the greatest actors in Bollywood currently, the movie is sure to be a great and entertaining.

And with a big production house such as YashRaj producing the film, there is no doubt that the film will open to packed houses when it releases and will earn loads of money. Here are my 5 reasons why THUGS OF HINDOSTAN might actually turn out to be the BEST BOLLYWOOD MOVIE of 2018.

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5 Reasons why THUGS OF HINDOSTAN will be the BEST movie of 2018!

Aamir Khan & Amitabh Bachchan

There is no doubt that Aamir and Amitabh are the biggest reasons why this movie will be great!

Both of these actors are two of the biggest stars in the Bollywood Film Industry today. Not just that, they are amazing actors as well, who are popular amongst the audience for doing great and entertaining films. 

Aamir Khan, especially, is known for doing movies that offer great paisa-vasool entertainment and fun to the audience. And with him being a part of this film, audiences are sure to come in hordes to watch this film.

There will surely be something interesting and surprising in store for us when the movie hits the theatres.

Visual Effects

Thanks to the demand of the story, the film is filled with loads of visual effects. Special VFX studios and experts have been hired to make these visual effects come to life.

Though the theatrical trailer left us a bit underwhelmed with the special effects, it was only a trailer and not the final product. 

With Aamir Khan involved in the project, as big of a perfectionist as he is, there is no doubt in my mind that he would ensure that the special effects in the final film will be improved and made as best as they possibly can be.

Action - Adventure movie

As the Baahubali movies showed us, there is a great demand for good action adventure movies in India. And if they have great special effects, it's even better.

Thugs of Hindostan promises to be a great action adventure film, set in the pre-independence era, complete with amazing action sequences and visuals. 

From sword fighting sequences to blowing up of complete ships, the film promises a lot of great actions and entertainment. Add to that, the great performances by amazing actors and the underlying theme of patriotism, this film surely looks to be an awesome experience.


The movie is based on an English novel Confessions of a Thug written by Philip Meadows Taylor. It was one of the best selling crime novels of the 19th century, and a quite a unique representation of the thuggee culture prevalent in Pre-Independent British India.

Thanks to this unique premise, the movie has the potential to be an interesting and mesmerising story to watch on the big screen. With such big actors and productions houses involved, I am quite excited to see what is in store for us when the movie hits the theatres on Diwali 2018.

YashRaj Films

YashRaj films is a very well know production house, that has produced some amazing actions films in the past like Dhoom series and Ek Tha Tiger.

With their amazing production value and a huge budget, the film is sure to have a very premium look and feel that will enhance the viewing experience of the audience in theatres.

Final Thoughts

Diwali releases have always been extremely successful in earning a lot of money, and Thugs of Hindostan looks to be no exception.

I am sure it will earn a lot of money thanks to all the hype!

But a movie can't just be judged by its box office earnings. There is more to it, that defines whether the movie was good or bad. And as mentioned above, I do feel that this movie has the potential to be the best movie of 2018.

Do you agree with my reasons? Let me know in the comments below!

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