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Thugs of Hindostan - 5 Reasons why it may be the WORST Movie of 2018

Thugs of Hindostan - 5 Reasons why it may be the WORST Movie of 2018
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Thugs of Hindostan, ever since its announcement, has been one of the most anticipated Bollywood Movies of 2018.

And why shouldn't it be!

When you have 2 of the most amazing stalwart actors of the Bollywood Film Industry in the lead - namely Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan, the movie is sure to generate a lot of buzz and hype amongst the audience - both in India as well as overseas.

However, there are a few reasons that, personally, make me feel that despite all the star power, that this movie has, and the money that the YashRaj Studio has spent on this film, THUGS OF HINDOSTAN might actually turn out to be the WORST BOLLYWOOD MOVIE of 2018.

Below I have explained the reasons why I think so!

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5 Reasons why THUGS OF HINDOSTAN will be the WORST movie of 2018!

Uninspiring and Mediocre Trailer

I, like many other movie buffs, was eagerly waiting for the trailer of the movie to release. I was both, excited and curious, to see what the director and the actors were trying to showcase in the film.

With such amazing actors like Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan associated with the film, my expectations were definitely sky high.

However, the trailer was a huge disappointment. The trailer exposed a lot of chinks in the armour of this movie. 

To be very honest, Aamir Khan looked downright disappointing with his looks and mannerism. His presence in the 2-3 minute trailer itself irritated me to pull my hair out. And now I only dread the fact, what the whole movie would do to me. 

Even Amitabh looked hilarious, performing stunts that look impossible considering his age shown in the movie. A trailer is expected to increase the hype. And this trailer did the exact opposite for me, and many more like me.

And that brings me to the next point.

Poor Visual Effects

The film heavily uses visual effects to depict the pre-independence era and the sea fights. However, the visual effects shown in the trailer were downright poor.

I agree that we have been spoilt by the amazing visual effects of Hollywood movies, and its wrong to compare Bollywood movies to Hollywood.

And trust me, I am not comparing it to them. Look at what Baahubali movies had achieved, more specifically Baahubali 2. They had great special effects. Even an old south Indian film EEGA (MAKHHI in Hindi) had great special effects.

Thugs of Hindostan looks hilarious in comparison!

Pirates of the Caribbean Copy?

No matter how much you defend the movie, it is hard to deny that the movie and its action sequences are heavily inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.

Forget inspired, some action sequences are complete ripoffs from the Hollywood film.

All this just shows how uninspired the story and the production is. They have simply copied sequences from old Hollywood films. Now, had they been done right, the sequences would have looked great. But with Amitabh doing strange jumps and summersaults in slow motion, it all looks way too fake.

And Aamir just doesn't fit in the role of action. Period.

Average Songs

Songs, these days have become a headache more than a soothing experience.

Each and every movie that comes out, bring with it half a dozen of average to irritating songs that no one cares about. Only some songs manage to leave a mark. And I just wonder, why to add songs, when you can't create something that will click with the audience.

Such songs only increase the movie budget and add nothing of value to the movie. They only bore the audience more.

And Thugs of Hindostan seems no exception. Of the 2 songs that have released, none has been able to connect with me at least. These songs seem to be there just because Bollywood movies have always had songs and this is a tradition that needs to be followed.

Poor, or average songs, make even an interesting movie feel slow and boring in parts. As for an already boring film, they pull it down even further.

Vijay Krishna Acharya

This is my biggest fear for the Movie.

Vijay Krishna Acharya is just a 2 film old Director. Before writing and directing Thugs of Hindostan, he has written and directed Tashan and Dhoom 3. And I don't have to say anything about those movies. Even if Dhoom 3 earned a lot, thanks to Aamir Khan. It was the worst movie of 2013, as well as of the Dhoom franchise.

With his earlier movies, Vijay Krishna Acharya has proved that he has just doesn't have what is required to make a sensible movie. And I have no hope that he will be redeeming himself with this movie.

With him writing and directing Thugs of Hindostan, I have my fingers crossed.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, with such a big production house involved, and such big actors in the lead, the movie is sure to have a bumper opening at the box office, when it releases at Diwali 2018.

And I am sure it will earn a lot of money thanks to all the hype!

But when it comes to judging the movie, whether it was a good movie or not, I have a doubt. As mentioned above, I have a feeling it will turn out to be the worst movie we will see in 2018.

Do you agree with my reasons? Let me know in the comments below!

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