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Top Failures of the Narendra Modi Government | Elections 2019

The 2014 Lok Sabha elections were a game changer for India. For the first time, in more than a decade, the citizens of India came together and gave the country a strong and stable government.

Our Honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modiji, got the majority mandate to steer the country towards growth and development.
Top Failures of the Narendra Modi Government | Elections 2019

And for the most part, I believe he has been on the right path. I am sure majority would agree that the actions and intentions of our Prime Minister are solely dedicated towards the betterment of the nation. 

Be it the Swachta Mission, Demonetization or GST, every steep has had its heart in the right place.
The opposition has been hard pressed to find issues to raise against the Modi government. So much so that they have been constantly flogging a dead horse. They are taking up non-issues and repeatedly trying to corner the government, but failing miserably.

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However, that doesn't mean that the Modi Government is without its flaws!

Nothing is perfect in this world. And the Modi government has its share of problems that can lead to its downfall in the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.

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Top Failures of the Narendra Modi Government

Lack of Jobs

The biggest poll promise made by the BJP, and Shri Narendra Modi, was the creation of jobs in the country. However, even after 4 years of the Modi government, the situation hasn't improved vastly.

Yes, the situation is not completely bad! 

But considering the amount of workforce being adding to the market every year, and cutting of government jobs by the government, things aren't exactly favourable for the youth of India.

Top Failures of the Narendra Modi Government | Elections 2019

Fresh graduates are finding it difficult to get a job and those who are already working are getting laid off due to cost-cutting measures. And this situation is going to worsen going forward. Unless some concrete steps are taken in this direction, unemployment will remain an Achilles heel for the government.

The youth is a major voting segment in India today, and lack of employment can definitely sway them away from the Modi government.

Failure of Make In India

Well, you can't call Make In India a complete failure. Many companies have embraced it and started to set up factories in India which provides employment opportunities for people.

However, it has failed to take off in a way even the Modi Government had hoped.

Many companies are still sceptical about setting up shop in India. And the government hasn't really provided many incentives to lure them as well. For a scheme like Make in India to work, incentives to the companies are a must.

Till the time India becomes a manufacturing hub like China, the problem of unemployment, trade-deficit etc will continue.

Petrol & Diesel Prices

Top Failures of the Narendra Modi Government | Elections 2019

Now, one can argue that this issue is not in the hands of the Modi Government as the prices of petrol and diesel are governed by the market prices. 

This is somewhat true, but not completely.
When the Modi Government came to power, the international crude oil prices were at an all-time low. The Modi government took full benefit of that and increased taxes which helped them generate a lot of revenue to use for other welfare schemes for the people.

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However, now when the prices have risen, the Modi Government has refrained from reducing the taxes leading to very high petrol and diesel prices in the country. High petrol and diesel prices can affect inflation as products are transported primarily through trucks in India.

Of course, the government may be justified in its stand to not lower the taxes as it may feel that the loss in revenue might affect the country's economy negatively.

But a common man is not interested in knowing these complexities. He/she is more concerned about running their household. And the reluctance of the government to provide some relief to the people can definitely backfire.

Falling Rupee

Again, this is something that is out of the control of the Government as of now. Due to market situations right now, all Asian currencies are currently falling and the Indian Rupee is no exception.

However, the fact that it is an issue for the country and does make imports expensive, can definitely cause problems for the Modi Government.

If we all remember, the UPA 2 government also faced a lot of backlash due to the fall of rupee. And ultimately is lost the 2014 elections. The Modi Government may face a similar challenge as well.

Communal Hate

This is quite a controversial topic but is definitely a major factor!

It's hard to say, without proper facts and figures, whether such incidents actually increase when BJP comes to power or not. But what's certain is the fact that these incidents do start getting reported more.

I believe incidents happen before also but get highlighted a lot more during BJP's reign.

Nevertheless, such bad press does affect the mindset of the people of India. Nobody likes to live in an environment of hatred. Everyone wants peace and harmony in their life. 

And when such news is spread against a specific party, individual or government, it can negatively affect the voters. And I believe this can backfire for the Modi government as well.

Lack of Major Economic Reforms

Let's be fair, the Modi Government has refrained from implementing many of the hard-hitting reforms that the nation needed.

The Modi government was given a majority mandate to usher in new and major reforms that could accelerate the country towards development.

The government has definitely taken some concrete steps in that direction, like:
  • Demonetisation
  • GST
  • Insolvency Bill
  • Jan Shan Yojana
  • Defence Purchases, etc
However, I still believe that they should have done more!

When they were voted into power, the opposition was shattered and divided. The citizens of India were more than willing to sacrifice whatever needed for the nation. the time (the first 2 years) were more than apt for the government to take some extremely harsh steps without facing a backlash from the people.

For example, the Government has been tentative in its approach to sell the majority stake in Air India and PSU banks.

Despite these entities running losses and not functioning well under government control, they are still being helped by the taxpayer's money. This money should be spent on people welfare and not helping these loss-making entities run.

Similarly, despite the push towards solar power and electric vehicles, the government has not incentivised this field for companies to setup up factories for production and R&D. This should have been the priority of the government from the start.

Final Thoughts

As we have seen, there are issues that have the power to derail the Modi Government in 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Many of these issues are actually affecting people negatively right now.

It's a pity that the opposition (Congress party led by Rahul Gandhi) is oblivious to these issues. They are constantly harping about non-issues and not pointing out the real problems and concerns of the people.

The Modi Government really needs to look into, and address, these concerns if it wants to storm back to power again in 2019.

What do you think?

Do you agree with my points? Or you think I have missed something?

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