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Train 18 - India's new Engine-less train is great, BUT...!

Train 18 - India's new Engineless train is great, BUT...!
I am sure you all must have heard about the new modern looking, engineless train, designed by the Integral Coach Factory in India. Codenamed Train 18, this train has been designed, conceptualised and made entirely in India in just 18 months.

It looks like a mini bullet train from the outside and has great interiors as well. It offers many amazing features to the passengers. However, I am not sure whether we are ready for it.

Or to put it bluntly, I am not sure whether we deserve such a train.

But before, I explain why I feel this way, let us first look at the amazing features that this train offers.

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Train 18 features

Train 18 offers some amazing and unique features never before seen in any Indian Railway train before.

  • As with the Metro train, this train is self-propelled. This means that there is no engine. The whole engine has been distributed over the complete train and has 2 driver compartments on either end. So no need to constantly change and attach engines.
  • The engine fitted in this train is also the most efficient electric engine till date used by Indian Railways. Add to that, all lightings are now LED that save cost and last longer.
  • The train can easily reach speeds up to 160 KMPH which is semi-high speed in nature. In its initial launch, the first such train is expected to replace the Bhopal Shatabdi express. In future, it will completely replace Shatabdi trains.
  • Each train will have 16 coaches. The seats of the coaches will be very comfortable. The executive class chairs will have the option to be rotated to face the direction of the movement of the train.
  • The trains will have wide windows that will offer a scenic view of outside to the passengers. They will not feel clautrophobic.
  • It will have auto closing doors and retractable footsteps.
  • The train will have amazing suspensions that will prevent jerks from reaching the passengers. All in all the passengers will have a smooth and much safer journey.

Why I think we don't deserve Train 18

As awesome and amazing as these features may appear, I really think we don't deserve to have such a train serving us.

Why you ask?

Have you forgotten what happened to the Mahamana Express, between Delhi and Varanasi, that was launched with so much fanfare?

It was our Prime Minister's gift to the people of Varanasi and what did we do!

Within two weeks of its launch, it was destroyed completely. The washbasins were choked, the mugs from washrooms were missing, there were paan stains all over the place and all kinds of garbage strewn on the train floor. Is this the way to treat public property?

If this example is not enough to convince you, take the case of the super fast and super premium Tejas express, which was launched to run between Mumbai and Goa. It offers great features and comforts to its passengers like WiFi, LCD entertainment screens etc.

And yet again, we destroyed the train property and took away the screens. We took away accessories from bathrooms, destroyed the new interiors and damaged the property of the train.

Need I say more?

Final Thoughts 

Its unfortunate to say but it is the only truth - We do no deserve the facilities that are provided to us. Because we don't have any idea on how to keep them the clean and use them responsibly.

All we do is only think about ourselves all the time. Every service provided by the government, we consider to be our own private property and we use (destroy) it the way we like. In simpler terms, we have no regards for anyone else other than us.

And till the time we learn to live properly in a society and learn how to maintain the public property, I do not think we deserve to get such awesome facilities.

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