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Wake up to new song everyday like Bigg Boss! | Desi Tips

Bigg Boss

Many people in India love the reality TV show Bigg Boss. It is quite evident from the TRP ratings and the kind of reaction it generates everyday on Social Media. It appears as if nothing is more satisfying for people to see other than people shouting at the top of their voices for no rhyme or reason. Maybe it helps the already stressed individuals find a way to vent out their frustrations.

Nevertheless, the show has been garnering a lot of media hype, as well as public support, for many seasons now. And, it seems, will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Though personally, I am not a fan of the show, there is one thing about the show that appeals quite a lot to me. And that is the fact that the housemates are woken up every day to a new song. It is quite intriguing.

Being a techie, I have always looked for ways to achieve the same at my home. Though it has been possible to set a song as the alarm tone for quite a long time, it's not straightforward to wake up to a new song every day.

Tech enthusiasts, like me, would agree that something similar is possible on Android using third-party apps, rooting etc. However, for an everyday user, these things are just too complicated and won't work.

But now, I have found a way to set an alarm, that plays random songs every day to wake you up. And in this post, I will share how you can do that too.

Wake up to new song everyday like Bigg Boss! | Desi Tips

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Amazon Echo Dot

This is the first way, through which you can set an alarm to play a new song every day! 

If you don't know what Echo Dot is, let me explain.

Every internet services company these days is trying to push out its own personal voice assistant. Alexa is the voice assistant launched by Amazon. There are plenty of things Alexa can do, and the best part is that it is very good at understanding what you say. Unlike other voice assistants like SIRI (Apple's voice assistant), which still fail to understand a lot of things, Alexa very easily and clearly understand even Indian English Accent.

Amazon Echo dot is a small electronic device that allows users to interact with Alexa. Once you set it up in your house, you can just talk to it in English. You can ask questions, order it to play songs, ask it to set a timer etc.

amazon echo dot

To set up an alarm to play new songs every day, you will need to say the below statement to your Amazon Echo device.

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can just say:
"Alexa, Wake me up to a new song every day at 6 AM."
What this will do is set a daily alarm for you of 6 AM and set the "New Songs Playlist" from Amazon Prime Music as the alarm tone source. So every day, at 6 AM, you will be woken up to a new song just like in the Bigg Boss House.

To stop the alarm, you either press the Dot button on the device as shown below or just say:
"Alexa, Stop"
Amazon Echo Dot

You can also make changes to the alarm or set an alarm only for weekdays by saying:
"Alexa, Wake me up to a new song every weekday at 6 AM"

This will set up an alarm similar to the one above, but only for weekdays.

If you don't have an Amazon Prime subscription, then also you need not worry. Amazon has access to Saavn music service as well in India and you can use that to set up your alarm. All you need to say now is:
"Alexa, Wake me up to a new song from Saavn every day at 6 AM!"
This will set an alarm for 6 AM that will play the latest music from Saavn music service. You can also make variations to set only a weekday alarm as well.

And if you want to create your own playlist, just do that on Amazon Music or Saavn, and ask Alexa to play a song from that playlist.

Amazon Echo Dot is the cheapest Alexa enabled device and is definitely affordable by the majority of the people. It usually retails for Rs 3,500/- but can be had for as cheap as Rs 2500/- during Amazon Sales. Since it's an Amazon product, they promise to deliver it to you within 2 hours at many locations.

It's just a one time purchase. You don't even need to pay for a prime subscription to get this feature running. All you need is a WiFi connection

So this festive season, gift yourself an Amazon Echo Dot and experience the feeling of living on the Bigg Boss house by waking up to a new song every day.

Clock Radio

If you don't have a WiFi connection at your home, then also I have a solution for you. It's not as perfect as the one mentioned above, but I have personally tested it and it works for the most part.

You can buy a Clock Radio, which allows you to play a radio station when the alarm rings.

I have personally used a Philips device that I am linking below. There are devices from other brands as well on Amazon.

philips clock radio


How this works is that you set up a default FM radio station of your choice. And then set an Alarm. There are 2 options while setting the alarm, either a normal ringtone or FM. You need to set FM as the Alarm option.

So when the Alarm goes off, the FM radio station you had selected automatically starts playing. And you get to listen to the songs playing on that station at that time. Since every day, the radio will be playing a different song at that time, you get to wake up to a new song daily, just like in Bigg Boss house.

Final Thoughts

So if you also love how the Bigg Boss contestants get to wake up listening to new songs every day, then you can do so to at your own house as well without going into much trouble.

As detailed above, the process is very simple and easy to follow.

If you are aware of any other way or have any issues/queries, let me know in the comments down below.

I am an ardent Techie and a Free Thinker. I love to explore new topics and technologies, and share my knowledge and views with the world.
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