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Bigg Boss 12 - Is this the worst season ever? | Entertainment

Bigg Boss 12 is the worst Bigg Boss season yet!
Bigg Boss 12 - Is this the worst season ever? | Entertainment
Source: Colors TV

If you are a fan of the show Bigg Boss, which airs on Colors every year, then I am sure many of you must also be having the same thoughts as me.

Though I don't consider myself a fan of this show, I do enjoy the occasional binge watching of a few episodes. Though I know that most of what that goes on in the show is pretty much scripted, many a times situations do go out of hand and we get to see the real sides of the people.

Every season has had some form of entertainment thanks to entertaining contestants. This year, however, seems to be a huge disappointment.

This Season lacks novelty and any sort of entertainment!

Here are my reasons why I think Bigg Boss 12 is the worst season ever.

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Bigg Boss - Seasons Till Now 

I have followed the show on and off since its first season, which was hosted by Arshad Warsi. It used to be very decent in its content and all contestants behaved maturely. However, as the seasons have progressed, maturity and decency have been tossed out of the window by both the makers as well as the contestants.

The last couple of shows have proved that Bigg Boss is a worthy replacement of MTV Roadies.

All, the contestants do now, is shout and fight with each other for no rhyme or reason. However, thanks to interesting characters and personalities, even this has still proved to be somewhat entertaining to the majority of the show's fans, up until now!

Wake up to a new song every day, like BIGG BOSS House!

Bigg Boss 12

Bigg Boss 12, despite trying a new concept and having many more people from amongst the common population, failed to generate enough excitement or entertainment.

None of the contestants has been able to make a mark and capture the attention of the audience, unlike the previous seasons.

Though a few contestants have managed to stand out by shouting and fighting, it has all appeared unnecessary and uninspired.

Even the introduction of wild-card entries has not brought about a drastic change.

And if that was not enough, Bigg Boss season 12 appears to be the most biased seasons ever as well.

Don't agree with me? Hear my reasons!

  • Just look at Sreesanth. He has been breaking almost every possible rule of Bigg Boss from the first day. Whether it is speaking in English, fighting with others, not wearing the mic, personally attacking someone or trying to escape the house. You name a rule and he has broken it. However, Bigg Boss and even Salman Khan haven't reprimanded him enough since according to them he is one of the controversy creators in the house.
  • The wild-card contestant Surbhi Rana has been the loudest and wild contestant of this season. Despite her personal comments infights, her physical aggression in tasks and just plain irritating shouting at the top of her already loud voice, she is always let off lightly.
  • Shivashish Mishra was recently kicked out of the house for failing to follow Bigg Boss house rules. But then rules have been broken by so many contestants, even more than him. Still, they are in the house.
  • Karanvir Bohra, one of the most decent, well mannered and popular celebrities inside the Bigg Boss 12 house, is constantly targetted by Bigg Boss and Salman Khan. He is always targeted and picked for the smallest of things. His good acts are scrutinized and punished whereas similar acts by a few others are let off.
If these facts don't make you realise how biased Bigg Boss Season 12 is, then I don't know what will.

Final Thoughts

Bigg Boss seasons have always benefitted from different human emotions that have added character and entertainment to the show. Whether it is friendship or enmity between contestants, every emotion has lent a unique X-factor to all Bigg Boss seasons till now.

However, the current season seems to be lacking any sort of emotion which can connect with the audience.

On top of this, the biased nature of this season is putting off many prospective viewers like me as well. With almost half the season gone, I am not sure if the makers of the show can redeem themselves now. 

But if they hope to, they need to think out of the box and stop being biased!

Do you agree?

Let me know in the comments below!

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