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Diwali gift ideas

Diwali is the festival of lights and we all look forward to celebrating it every year. The sheer thought of lighting up our houses with light and diyas fills us up with immense joy and happiness.

Diwali is also the time when we all meet and greet our family members and friends, and exchange gifts and sweets. There are celebrations all around.

Of course, distributing sweets to friends and family on Diwali is a much easier task. But when gifting something more, it can be quite confusing with so many options available in the market.

So in this article, I will share a few items that I think can be considered as an option when deciding gifts to be given on Diwali.

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Diwali Gift Ideas

Tealight Candles

The best gift (apart from sweets) on Diwali would be the Tealight candles. These are amazing items that look great, are easy to set up at home.

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Diwali Gift Ideas

They come in many sizes and styles. There are regular white candles that burn for 3 hours. Then there are large-sized candles that burn for 9 hours. And there are also coloured candles with frangrances.

All in all, I believe this can be a great gifting item on Diwali as it is very useful for Diwali decorations and looks great too as a gift.

Lakshmiji & Ganeshji Gold Plated Coins

Since, on Diwali, we all pray to Goddess Lakshmi Ji and Lord Ganesh Ji, gifting gold plated coins having these deities engraved on them is a good gift.

Source: Amazon

These look great and are not very expensive to buy. They are readily available on Amazon for under Rs 2000/-.

Such gifts enhance the celebratory feeling of Diwali and spread joy all around.

Gold/Silver Plated Gift Items

Just like the Gold plated deity coins, Gold and Silver plated gift items like utensils can also be gifted. They look great and are readily available online as well as offline markets. They are also very reasonably priced and not very expensive.
Source: Amazon
Despite being reasonably priced, they look really premium and high quality and can be a great gifting item.

Kindle E-Reader

Source: Amazon

If your friend, or family member, loved reading books then gift him/her a kindle ebook reader. This is a great gift for those who love reading. This device is not very expensive and allows people to read any number of books anytime, anywhere.

Fire TV Stick/Chromecast

Fire TV Stick, Source: Amazon
Chromecast, Source: Flipkart

These are amazing devices that turn any TV into a smart TV. You can watch TV shows, movies and access other entertainment apps directly on your TV. These devices are quite cheap to buy and can make for a very exciting and unique gift.

Amazon Echo Dot/Google Home Mini

Amazon Echo Dot, Source: Amazon
Google Home Mini, Source: Flipkart
With AI-based personal assistants gaining a lot of popularity, it is only fair to gift your loved ones their first access to this new technology.

Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini are 2 of the best AI-based personal home assistant devices one can buy today. They are quite cheap and work really very well. In fact, Google home mini has just received support for the Hindi language as well with Amazon Echo to follow soon.

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These are really great products and a great gift!

Customized Gifts

You can also customize gifts with names, photos etc to share with friends and family.

Source: VistaPrint
There are many sites like Vistaprint.in & Zoomin.com which allow you to get custom printed coffee mugs, t-shirts, caps etc.

You can customise these products with the names or photos of your friends/family members and then gift them. These are amazing gift items as they add a personal touch.

Final Thoughts

Diwali is a great occasion to meet and greet friends and family and celebrate with them. Gifts only add to the joy that we feel during this celebration.

For the most part, sweets are enough as a gift during this occasion. But if you want to do more and stand out from the rest of the group, the above list should help you in thinking about a unique gift. Even if you don't gift any of the items I mentioned above, the list can surely help you think of something else that can be a great gift item as well.

Of course, this list is not just limited to Diwali. You can also take inspiration from it for other occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, New Year etc.

Did you like my list? Have some suggestions?

Let me know in the comments below!

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