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Winter Season - How to stay Healthy? | Health Tips

Winter season is here, and with it are so many health-related problems such as a cough, cold etc. Of course, not every location in the world experiences similar levels of cold, but even slight changes in temperature can lead to the above-mentioned health problems.

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Winter Season - How to stay Healthy? | Health Tips

In this post, I will share some health tips from my personal experience on how you can keep your body ready for such seasonal changes. These tips are all natural and should not have any side effects.

These tips will help your body build up the required immunity to fight off the common diseases like a cough and cold that are very common during such seasonal weather changes.

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Winter Season Health Tips

With the arrival of winter season, the body becomes prone to several health issues like a cough, cold, fever, throat infection. If not taken care of at the proper time, these small problems can grow up to be severe health concerns. Hence, it is very much advised to take care of such problems as and when they are discovered.

However, an even better solution is to prevent them from happening altogether.

Everyone's body and its immunity at any given time are different. Hence, some people are able to withstand the seasonal change without falling ill, whereas some people fall ill and even bedridden in some cases.

For curing any disease, our body's immunity is the most important than any medicine. A medicine, in itself, does nothing to cure the disease. All it does is force our body to build its immunity to fight off the disease-causing bacteria/virus.

Hence, it is much better to have one's immunity strong and ready to fight off the diseases beforehand.

Below are some natural health tips that you can follow to stay safe from diseases this winter season.

Drink Turmeric Milk

Turmeric is a great natural ingredient which helps our body stay fit. It helps build the immunity of our body which then fight diseases like a cough and cold.

However, the intake of turmeric in its raw form is not possible for many.

Winter Season - How to stay Healthy? | Health Tips

Typically turmeric is available in the market in powder form. The best way to intake turmeric is to mix half a teaspoonful of its powder with a cup of warm milk. Of course, one can also add some sugar for taste.

Daily intake of such a cup of milk every night will help your body grow its immunity to fight diseases. One should not expect miracles overnight, but if taken consistently over a period of say a month, your body will be able to develop enough immunity to fight off problems like a cough and common cold.

Turmeric also generates heat inside the body. Hence, daily intake also helps keep the body warm during winters.

My suggestion would be to start having turmeric milk during the second half of autumn, around the august end or September start. My experience is based on the winters of Delhi. Yours may vary but you can get the idea from my experience. You can end it as soon as the winters are over.

Eat Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like orange, lemon etc are rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a natural ingredient that helps out body built up its immunity and fights off diseases and infections.

Winter Season - How to stay Healthy? | Health Tips

If these fruits are available, one should definitely make it a habit to have such a fruit one a day during winters.

If not available, fruit juices like Real and Tropicana can also be had. They may not have as rich benefits as the actual fruit but it will be quite enough. Regular intake of Vitamin C is very important, especially during winters.

Masala Tea

Tea, though a caffeinated drink, is one of the best drinks that also has amazing benefits for the body. There are many types of tea available in the market, however, the masala tea has many ingredients mixed with the tea leaves such as cardamom, ginger etc.

All these ingredients are natural and very important for the health of our body.

Winter Season - How to stay Healthy? | Health Tips

Through the intake of masala tea, even once a day, our body gets access to these natural and useful ingredients which together help our body build its immune power.

Tea is also very hot when taken, so it can help the body fight the cold, at least for some time.

Final Thoughts

Above are few of my personal tips that I follow during winters to stay healthy and fit. These tips help my body build up its immune power and fight off the common winter diseases like a cough and cold.

I hope these tips will also be helpful to you!

If you have any more tips that you know of, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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