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Zero Movie - 5 Reasons why it may be the Biggest Flop of Shah Rukh Khan!

After quite a while, Shah Rukh Khan is arriving at the big screens with his upcoming Bollywood movie - ZERO. The movie will be releasing worldwide on Christmas 2018.

It has been a long wait for all the Shah Rukh fans to see their Superstar again on the silver screen. And King Khan himself is leaving no stone unturned to make his movie entertaining and a full paisa vasool for all his fans.

Thanks to the huge star cast of the movie, comprising of Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma & Katrina Kaif, the movie has already generated a lot of hype and buzz.
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Source: Bollywood Hungama 

However, after having seen the theatrical trailer of the movie, which released some days back, I feel there are a few reasons why this movie might actually turn out to be the biggest flop of Shah Rukh Khan.

Now Before all Shah Rukh fans start hating me, just hear me out first. I am not a Shah Rukh Khan hater. I like his movies and I do believe that this movie could also be his biggest hit ever!

However, there are some reasons that beg me to think otherwise as well. Do allow me to explain.

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5 Reasons why ZERO will be the biggest Flop of Shah Rukh Khan

ZERO Movie Budget

The movie has been made on an alleged budget of 200 crores.

Also being the producer, Shah Rukh Khan has left no stone unturned to ensure that the film gets all the necessary effects and production value to create an amazing final product.

However, with such a huge budget, it becomes very difficult for a movie to become a blockbuster. 

Even if the movie earns 250 crores, which is a huge amount, it won't make enough profit to be called a blockbuster or even superhit. And if Thugs of Hindostan has shown us anything, the bigger the budget, the harder it is to be a hit film.

Thugs of Hindostan was made at a budget of 210 crores, maybe more. And despite it reaching 100 crores in just 3 days, it has seen a significant drop in its earnings thanks to the bad reviews from the critics and the people. 

If the movie ZERO also gets a bad review and word of mouth from the audience, like Thugs of Hindostan, it will have a hard time even recovering all its production costs (let alone make a profit) making it the biggest flop of Shah Rukh's career.


With such a huge budget, ZERO needed to have at least a 2 week run from Christmas to New Year to earn a huge revenue.

However, with Ranveer Singh starrer and Rohit Shetty directed Simmba releasing just a week after, ZERO will face a tough competition.

Ranveer Singh has established himself as a great actor and Bollywood star with his last few films and with Simmba he is trying his hands at Action. Rohit Shetty is known for amazing action and their combo may be too much for ZERO to handle.

With Simmba (based on the South Indian movie Temper) promising to be an all-out entertainer, the SRK's romantic drama might lose the mass Indian audience to this movie. And that might make it all the more difficult for the SRK film to earn at the Box Office.

Only time will tell.

Sci-Fi twist

At the end of the theatrical trailer of ZERO, it is shown that a rocket is lifting off and Shah Rukh Khan says a dialogue which suggests that he might actually be going to the moon in the movie.

The movie mostly is a drama that is seen to be heavily reliant on the charm of SRK to entertain the audience. The Indian masses love that.

However, adding such a science fiction angle might just actually backfire amongst the masses. If such a plot point is true, it may be too much for the audience to digest. Shah Rukh Khan's character is a man with short height and doesn't seem well educated either. With such a background, seeing him becoming an astronaut might be too much to handle.

Its all a speculation as of now, but if true, it might just lead to this movie becoming the biggest blunder of Shah Rukh Khan's career.

Katrina Kaif

As beautiful as she might look, it is quite a known fact that Katrina Kaif's acting skills leave a lot to be desired. With the trailer of the movie showcasing the fact that Katrina will have a significant role in the movie, I have serious concerns that she might just bring the film down.

If her short role in Thugs of Hindostan is any indication, I just might be right!

A poor actor in a significant role can really affect a movie, and I fear the same for ZERO.


Though the music of the movie is yet to be launched (I will update this article when it does), I am really sceptical about the music though.

Shah Rukh Khan movies have always benefitted from amazing and catchy music. 

However, music in this movie has been given by Ajay-Atul who have not been creating anything amazing of late (Dhadak, Thugs of Hindostan).

Their music has been generic in their last few movies and I fear the same would happen to ZERO. Without some good music, the charm of SRK might not live up to the hype 

Final Thoughts

Though I personally love Shah Rukh Khan films and his acting performances, it's hard to deny that the road ain't gonna be easy for this film, considering the reasons I have mentioned above.

The trailer of the movie ZERO does promise us paisa vasool entertainment, at least on face value. But there are factors that might just work against this movie as well.

Whether the movie turns out to be Shah Rukh's best movie or his biggest Flop, only time will tell!

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